A hands-on approach through consulting calls and a personally tailored program that covers everything you want in order to create your brand, put it to action, and use it.

If you are ready to grow your business to the next stage, get more ideal clients knocking on your door, and make an impact in your industry, then you are in the right place.


You aren't getting to work with your ideal clients all the time and have to take on jobs you don't enjoy for people who don't appreciate you just to pay the bills.

Or maybe, you're working with the right people, but there aren't enough of them turning to you for help and you're feeling lost in the sea of service providers.

You know what you're good at and know how good you are at it, and want others to see you as an industry leader, but don't know how to make that happen.

And everything you've done so far has only led you down the internet rabbit hole and wasting your time trying to learn something new every day. 

Or worse… you've been so overwhelmed by all the options, freebies, and courses that you haven't even tried!

You know you are ready to grow, whether from a side-gig into a full-time entrepreneur, starting your own team, or upping your prices, and aren't sure what is the right direction for you.


You're overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and are downloading freebies that help with nothing.

You know a brand can help but can't tell the difference between a brand strategy and a business or marketing plan.

You've tried all the proven methods and cookie-cutter approaches, but nothing is working for you specifically.

You have a logo, colours, and fonts that you love and use regularly, but they aren't attracting your ideal clients.

You aren't sure how to talk to your audience and influence them to choose to work with you over somebody else.


Don't leave your brand on the backburner and collecting dust. Instead, take everything out of your head and put it down into clear guidelines to make all aspects of your business easier and faster.


Knowing who to hire for what and when so you have time to focus on what you love to do.

Connecting with your audience and knowing what to say or do to turn them into clients.

Having your competitors asking for your opinion, referring you, and asking for collaborations.

Being so in love with your brand that you won’t want to change anything about it.

Feeling confident about all the systems you want to put in place to attract your ideal clients.

Connecting and organizing all of your ideas and knowing the steps to take to get them going.

Gaining recognition and authority in your field and being seen as an expert on the subject.

Building value behind your business and services that shows in your brand without you saying a word.

You'll finally be able to give your business and yourself room to grow, and you'll also get a clear roadmap with the steps to take in order to accomplish your future goals.

You'll have your ideal clients reaching out to you and willing to wait so they work with you because your entire brand not only looks pretty and cohesive, but it also connects with them on a subconscious level and places you at the forefront of their minds.



A flexible program for DFY service providers who are ready to grow their business into a brand that takes them from good enough to perfect.

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"I’ve never worked with anyone that cares more about customer satisfaction than Kristina at Konstant and New. I was quite literally looking for something NEW; to build a new brand and all that that entails: new logo, new website, print materials, signs, etc. I didn’t know where to begin. I had a bunch of ideas scattered all up in my head. Even when I couldn’t quite articulate these ideas effectively, Kristina was patient and supportive, and somehow figured out what I wanted. Kristina not only got me organized, she was able to recommend and prioritize what was needed. The job evolved over time as we thought of other ways to improve my brand; i.e. weekly blog writing. Having a better understanding of what to look for in a good writer, she sourced potential candidates for me, making sure to find someone aligned to the same very high standards and strong work ethic that Kristina and I share. Kristina genuinely cares. Her care and attention to detail is extraordinary. Her integrity and commitment to excellence goes above and beyond. Her approach is collaborative. She encourages feedback. She doesn’t settle, not until she is sure you are 1000% satisfied."

Learn how to

use the subconscious to make your ideal clients choose you.

Find the people

who will help you grow without losing what makes you unique.

Take everything

that's in your head about your brand and make it visible to your audience.


Get a better understanding of who you're helping and how to reach out to them specifically.

Find out what makes you different and why your ideal clients will want to work with you.

Position yourself in the exact spot of the market where so your people will find you.

Have crystal clarity on why you're doing this and use it to connect with your audience.

Show off your strengths and values and learn what you should focus on your brand on.

Find the final stage of your brand and create clear steps to help you achieve and track it.

Understand how to use your audience's subconscious to get leads through the door.

Get comfortable talking to your audience during any event, even a global pandemic.

Create perfect content that is tailored to your audience to grab their attention and keep it.

Translate your strategy into visuals that both attract your audience and represent you.

Present yourself and your brand as somebody others will remember and seek out.

Take your client journey to the next level and convert it into easy workflows for your business.


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An adaptable program that helps you turn your business into a brand that works for you.

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Direct access to me through messaging so you have support while we're working on your brand.

13 hours of video calls with access to the recordings and my notes so you can review every detail.

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Three months of text and email support and review to make sure you're on the right track.

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A dedicated space for you to access all of your files, videos, notes, and work forever.

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Access to the Brand Naming Guide, created to help you come up with a brand name you'll love.


"I loved working with Kristina. I’ve bought all the online group coaching programs out there and they all talk about “finding your ideal customer” but I couldn’t figure it out on my own. I have never had a 1:1 session with someone that could help me make sense of it all and apply it directly to my brand. I was completely lost before my 1:1 session with Kristina. She helped me put all of my ideas and random thoughts into the most cohesive notes after our session. I particularly loved how generous she was with her knowledge and the “homework” she gave me after our session. I have so much more clarity and direction now. I will be working with her again in the future and would 100% recommend her private sessions to all of my friends!"


Insights and tips to get your brand designed yourself, find the right designer, or have your entire brand designed for you.

The option to extend our calls on an as-needed basis for future insights, tips, and tricks for your brand and business.

Cats! One of my employees loves showing up during meetings, so you'll probably get to know her pretty well.


Every roadmap is completely adaptable depending on your branding needs, but the one thing they all have in common is…



The first step is getting to know one another, how we can work together, what you currently have with your brand, what you're looking to get done for your brand, and how I can help.



Now that all our research is out of the way, it's time to translate it into your final product and solve your main issue. The goal here is to work together to get you a finished piece.



Now that we know how we can work together, it's time to figure out our exact steps and create your unique roadmap depending on what is missing and what has to be fixed in your brand.



But we're not done yet! Now, let's take that finished piece and find that little extra from you that takes it from good to perfect. This is the cherry on top and the one thing only you have.



That personalized roadmap we've created? Let's start taking the steps and searching for the solutions together. The goal here is to figure out the right answer for you.



Once we've created your perfect brand, we're not done! I won't leave you hanging and will be following up with support to see how your brand is working for you and you working for it.



Apply for your spot in the B2B program by filling out this application form.


Once reviewed and accepted, you'll receive a link to schedule a call.


We'll have a 30min call to discuss your goals and how we can work together.


This program is specifically designed for DFY service providers, like yourself, who are ready to grow their business into a brand that works for them and makes being an entrepreneur easier.

This is not to introduce you to branding or its importance. If you're here and reading this, you already know how important it is to have a brand. The purpose of this program is to take everything out of your head and put it down so you can use it to grow and run your business quickly and smoothly. 

I've worked in multiple DFY service fields, so I've been where you are and it took me a long time to own up to it and grow my brand into what it is today. I know how hard it can be to do it yourself and even more so when it feels like everyone is telling you to either do it all yourself because it's cheating to hire someone else or to start an agency and hire a team to work for you. 

There is a middle ground and you decide what that middle ground is for you.

My job with this program is to help you find your middle ground and make it work for you!

So, yes... the point of this program is to tailor it to your wants and your brand, not somebody else's.

You want four-hour marathons to get everything done in a month? Let's do it!
You want to spend an hour a week and keep this on the side? We can do that!
You want to work this week and then take a break after? It's your choice!

A little about Kristina, your brand consultant…

I am here to help you reach for the stars. 

After working as a freelance graphic designer for over ten years, I’ve had my fair share of projects and clients that are focused only on the now. It took me years to figure out how to convince them that any project created to represent their business should have a strong brand that works both now and in the future.

When I finally decided to own up to what I was doing, it was due to my perfectionism. Because I am a strong believer that we can all achieve perfection if we try. I believe that nobody should settle for second best and that everybody deserves better than good enough.

In order to achieve that, to add that cherry on top that takes you from good to better to awesome, we have to hunker down and get to work.
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You're ready to stop searching for the solution online and sit down with an expert.

You're a DFY service-based entrepreneur, solopreneur, small-business owner, or freelancer.

You have the time, drive, and motivation to put in the work with guidance from a consultant.

You’re committed to showing up every single week and do the work required for your brand.

You look at your audience as people you can serve, not just those you can make money from.

You want to make a name for yourself and invest in your future, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You believe that this is the right time to commit to your brand and your business.

You have an established business and are ready to take things to the next level and grow.

You're feeling overwhelmed with being an entrepreneur and it's causing inconsistencies.



You're overconfident and think you know all the answers or can do it all on your own.


You're a product-based business owner or have a physical location for your business.


You’re too busy with client work and other tasks to commit to a set schedule.


Your primary goal out of this program is to make money or increase your profits.


You think you don't have the time and want to have a cookie-cutter brand.


You're looking for a logo, colours, and fonts based on your personal preferences.


You're just starting out and know nothing about your audience, services, or offer.


You're feeling stuck and are only looking for a new avenue of inspiration.


You believe that having a brand will magically solve all of your problems in one go.


"Kristina is an excellent branding consultant who blends her skills in graphic design and publishing to produce unrivalled results. She is an outstanding communicator who acts as the glue in teams to keep cohesive projects running smoothly and on track for success."




Apply for your spot in the B2B program by filling out this application form.


Once reviewed and accepted, you'll receive a link to schedule a call.


We'll have a 30min call to discuss your goals and how we can work together.


"Kristina was such a huge help to get my brand out the gate. I had tried to do it myself and always got distracted by all the info I found online. She helped me focus and narrow down and get everything done the way that worked for me. We found my ideal clients in our first session!!! I had a really great time bouncing ideas back and forth with her for everything else and even got some design tips that I started using with my graphic design clients. We also did a power-through 4hr session to get everything finished! It was a sprint and marathon in one! I highly recommend Kristina to anybody that is looking to get DONE."

You are ready to grow your business into a memorable brand that your ideal c