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Vinessa is a brand designer and illustrator with a passion for architecture and helping small businesses create beautiful visuals. She is both an artist and a designer who wants to show you that you can be different and stand out as a creative in your field, with brilliant ideas, expressed in different ways.

All graphics have been created and provided by Vinessa for the purpose of this story.

The Brand Framework   ◇   The Brand Naming Guide


“I feel very lucky to have crossed Kristina's path and even luckier to have taken this course. The value you will pay versus the value gained from this course does not match, it completely surpassed it. The course does not skip a beat, Kristina covers every single detail you need to build a strong foundation for your brand and leaves nothing behind. I have gained so much clarity in what I want out of my business and the direction I want to head in. The cherries on top are the one on ones with Kristina. She provided a welcoming and trusting space for open conversation that carried so much value. I have never met a better listener than Kristina, I learned so much from her as much as I did from the course itself.”





Vinessa had switched her logo several times and had settled on a black and white palette with the justification that it would make her clients' work stand out. This has led to visuals that lacked composition, photography, design elements, and more which didn’t allow her brand to showcase its full essence, and receiving inquiries that were not aligned with her brand values.


After putting everything down about her brand strategy including her positioning, core, and essence, Vinessa took all the research and focused on creating a new brand name, one that would stick, and then started focusing on creating a visual identity based around all her research and incorporating multiple elements from her strategy into them.

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