branded diamond element

Vinessa is a brand designer and illustrator with a passion for architecture and helping small businesses create beautiful visuals. This has led to her varied portfolio and looking to build her own brand strategy.

Please note that all graphics in here have been created and provided by Vinessa for the purpose of the case study. More will be added at her discretion.

branded diamond element

Before the course, Vinessa had switched her logo several times. She only worked with a black and white palette up to that point and was not gravitating towards a colour palette with the justification of making her clients' work stand out. As she started to grow as a designer, she decided to invest in positioning herself in the market in order to receive inquiries which aligning with her brand values and goals.

wisdom of dance mockups
givera collateral business cards



After taking The Brand Framework and using the Brand Naming Guide, Vinessa was able to create a brand strategy that she was then able to utilize to create her new brand name using her market analysis, the brand’s why, goals, archetypes, and TED talks. She was also able to use her strategy to bring some creative direction to her brand and come up with her colour palette, concepts, visual elements, strong typography and a keen attention to details.


    The Brand Framework
    The Brand Naming Guide



"I feel very lucky to have crossed Kristina's path and even luckier to have taken this course. The value you will pay versus the value gained from this course does not match, it completely surpassed it. The course does not skip a beat, Kristina covers every single detail you need to build a strong foundation for your brand and leaves nothing behind. I have gained so much clarity in what I want out of my business and the direction I want to head in. The cherries on top are the one on ones with Kristina. She provided a welcoming and trusting space for open conversation that carried so much value. I have never met a better listener than Kristina, I learned so much from her as much as I did from the course itself."