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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Tip 3/3

My goal here is to give you insights about branding, resources, and other tips and tricks to help you on your way with your brand, business, and being an entrepreneur. As such, here are 3 basic tips to help you stay on track with your brand.

  1. Use a cornerstone document for your entire brand.

  2. Build an internal workflow that translates to a client journey.

  3. Create your brand for your audience, not for yourself.

This article will be all about the third one (to keep them shorter) so make sure to look around for the other tips!

Create your brand for your audience, not for yourself.

Have you ever been asked or even wondered what is the hardest part for you in branding yourself?

The thing is, as a DFY service provider, finding the clients that want to work with you instead of somebody else or even making yourself visible for them to know you exist can be hard!

Are you having issues with this too? There are so many online service providers everywhere! Why would somebody work with you instead of hiring one of your competitors?

I had a hard time figuring this out myself. For a long time, I believed it was all hustling and lowering prices and posting like crazy everywhere and taking on any client or contract that I could to get the social proof and pay the bills (I lived in London at the time, which is not a cheap place to live).

But the thing is, I was wrong.

At the end of the day, a brand is not built for you. It is for your audience.

You don't wake up every morning and start working on your logo. The same way how you don't wake up every morning and start buying your own services! So… if your brand isn't there to attract you, who is it meant for?


Everybody is talking about ideal clients, dream clients, and target audiences… and some of these terms are probably familiar to you, but here's a secret… You decide who your ideal client is! It's not based on your industry or your services. It's not based on your products or marketing abilities. It's based on who you want to work with.

Here’s a question for you... What can you offer your audience that nobody else can?

In the branding world, this is known as a differentiator. It’s figuring out what makes you different from your competitors and how you stand out from the crowd. But knowing this is never easy. So technically, answering that question is the second step to getting more clients. Let’s start from the beginning…

Step one. Find your inspiration.

Since a brand isn’t created for you, you want to know who your brand is actually meant for!

I want you to think of three people. These can be celebrities, historical figures, family members, mentors, fictional characters, it doesn’t matter! Three people that either you know a lot about or can easily find information about them. And now…

◇ What are the things that stood out to you as you chose those people?

◇ Are there any similarities? If so, what are they?

◇ What are the things you don’t like about them?

Now, I want you to consider. If one person had all of these features that you liked between them, how would your services help them?

Step two. Find your differentiator.

Going back to that question, what can you offer that one person that nobody else can?

At this point, though, I don’t want you to think about services, or freebies, or discounts, or even specific changes to what you do. I want you to think about the feeling that you can give your mish-mash-of-ideals-person that nobody else can.

Don’t think about it too much and don’t go crazy with the research (trust me, bad idea right now!). Go with your gut instinct.

Step three. Tell me (or anybody)!

Let me or somebody else know who your three people are and your differentiator, or tell a friend. I want you to tell me how you would let that person know what you do and why you are the best option for them to work with.

And again! This is regardless of if they are in need of your services or not, if they know about your industry or not! This is all about what feelings you can arise from that person that nobody else can!

Those three steps seem pretty easy, right?

That’s what makes branding so great. With just your imagination and personal preferences you already have ideas on how to pitch your clients.

Now, knowing who your ideal client is a bit more detailed than imagining a mashup of different celebrities, but it’s the first step to getting you to learn more about them.


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