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An effective brand personality is something your audience can relate to and interact with. In order to get this feeling, your brand personality should have a set of human characteristics that make your brand more human.

Magician brands harness the invisible forces that may not be understood by the layman. Your brand’s main talents are always finding the win-win solutions, so foster transformation in yourself, your brand, and your audience until everybody is happy. Your brand’s voice is mystical, informed, and reassuring and your brand's strongest motivation is power.

Before you get deeper into the magician archetype, there are some questions I want you to think about and link your answers back to your brand strategy...

  • What does the word power mean to you and your audience?

  • What adjectives you would use to describe your brand?

  • What is the purpose behind your brand’s existence?

  • What are some brands you look up to and aspire to become like?

What drives the magician?

As the proud owner of a brand with a magician personality, you will want to have something behind your brand to help push it forward and to grow. These are your brand purpose and brand vision.

Remember that brand purpose is internal, it is what drives you and your brand to continue, and brand vision is the long-term goal you want to achieve.

Providing power

Power is what is most important to all magician personality types. Have you put any importance on that word or the meaning behind it?

Note. Keep in mind that power can be understood in many different ways. It can be the a physical, mental, or spiritual power over one self, over others, or over an idea or concept.

Whatever your definition or reason behind it, look deeper into yourself and your brand and pull that innovation out.

Important! Power does not always mean control! Power can be the simple influence exerted over others, or the ability to do something in a particular way.

The reason you come up with, this is what you want to talk about with your audience and provide to them.


The Magician drives

When you were thinking of adjectives to describe your brand, these can be linked or related to your brand values. You already know all about brand values and you have your own and a few brand value statements.

Now, I want you to link the magician personality drives and your own brand values.

  • Transformative

  • Evolutionary

  • Visionary

  • Belief

  • Discovery

Important! These are the drives behind magician personalities. If they don’t match your brand values, that is okay! Instead of looking at them as value words, look at them as the result you and your clients will have after working together.

As the magician archetype, your goal would be to make dreams come true. Your brand can do this through the gift of...

Finding win-win outcomes

Also, the magician wants to leave a mark on the world through understanding the fundamental laws of the universe. They find ways to turn messes into miracles. Their core desire is to get the knowledge of how the world works.

The magician purpose

Every brand is as unique as the person that stands behind it. Even so, we use categories and archetypes, and different classifications to better understand how we fit with others.

Keeping that in mind, I want you to review the purpose behind magician brands and compare it with your own brand purpose.

Make things come true.

You do this by fostering transformation, whether within your audience or yourself. The best strategy to achieve this goal is to develop a vision and live and breathe by it.

The Magician examples

When you were working on your brand positioning, you got to look for aspirations for what you want your brand to become. You already have your own goals, but I want you to take a look at these three examples of magician brands...

  • Mary Kay

  • Dyson

  • Disney

I want you to ask yourself if any of them could be an aspiration for your own brand and if so, how.

Note. Remember that we are not talking about the product here, but the brand personality that sells it (or the cost of said products and services).

How to reach out as a magician

As a magician personality type, your brand attracts a wide range of audiences. No matter who you are addressing, though, your goal is to help them grow.

Here are some tips on how to talk to your audience and put your magician personality forward, by being mysterious and curious...

  • Use mystical, informed, and reassuring language.

  • Defy the common belief system and the laws of reality.

  • Gather knowledge to lead people to a better future.

  • Don’t share your knowledge and facts, share your visions.

  • Dream big and celebrate with your audience when they do too.

  • Use knowledge as an agent to change the world.

  • Use both fact and intuition to guide you on your quest.

  • Use a structured approach to problem-solving.

  • Transform creative energy into practical expression.

  • Take risks to get to the solution.

Connect with

Since the main goal of the magician is to make dreams come true, this brand personality attracts a wide range of audiences, including most of the other archetypes. Below is a list of a few audience archetypes that are attracted to caregiver brands and what caregiver brands can use to appeal to them...

  • Innocent. Trust, honesty, positivity, safety, connection, inner beauty

  • Sage. Truth, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, factual

  • Explorer. Challenge, journey, unknown, change, exploration

  • Outlaw. Revolution, change, challenge, encouraging, empowering

  • Hero. Empowerment, inspiration, opportunity, worth, recognition

  • Creator. Freedom, choices, inspire, imagination, innovation

Start creating content for your audience

As part of your brand strategy, you already know who your people are and where to find them. Now, it's time to talk to them! Here are a few content and conversation prompts you can use to display your magician personality...

  • Everything is possible

  • All your dreams can come true if you believe

  • Don’t tell people your dreams, show them

  • Explain how you can leave a mark on the world

Tip. The magician brand persona attracts many different archetypes due to the ability and promise to transform or evolve. Make sure to connect with your audience on a different level to offer them your products or services. The trick is to be open to the skeptics and informed enough to question them back.

You can display your magician archetype through two main strategies...

  1. Develop a vision and live by it

  2. Transformation

The Magician voice

Your brand voice is a unique element of your brand’s communication with your audience. It remains consistent throughout all the content that you create.

You will be working on finding your brand voice after this module, however, your brand voice has input from both you and your brand personality. In addition, a brand voice is often characterized by both what it is and what it isn’t. Here are some examples of magician voices...

  • Mystical, but not magical

  • Informed, but not scholarly

  • Reassuring, but not consoling

  • Ingenious, but not shrewd

The Magician character

You now know a lot more about your brand personality. You have a character, a brand that is a separate entity that will interact and befriend your audience. This character has its own goals, values, and ambitions, as you’ve discovered when working on your brand positioning and core.

But, if we want to make them more human, we want to add a bit extra to it.

At the moment, your brand’s personality is too perfect and structured. Your brand can become more human by being open with its fears, weaknesses, and characteristics.

Knowing these, will help you battle against them and, since there is no person out that doesn’t have these, you will make your brand more approachable to your audience.

The Magician weaknesses

The things you should be most worried about as a magician brand is having unintended negative consequences. Make sure to always double-check your information before sharing any of it and that you are not manipulative with your audience. Be careful of creating any unanticipated negative consequences.

The five things you should avoid in your brand are...

  • Fear of consequences

  • Stagnation

  • Ignorance

  • Doubt

  • Uncertainty

Now consider your audience.

You’ve written their problems and emotions in your ideal client bio, so take a look at all the negative emotions in there and see if they connect with any of these fears. If so, then these are things you can help them with, as they are dangerous for you and your brand too.

Niching the magician down

Twelve personalities may seem very limiting, especially when you start thinking that there are almost 8 billion people on earth, half of them are on social media, and all of them fall into these twelve categories.

However, you can narrow your personality down to make it more unique to you. Every archetype has three levels and five sub-archetypes.

Note. Keep in mind that both of these are not static! They change over time as you and your brand evolve.

Magician levels

The three different levels for each archetype are based on the development within that personality. That means the lower level is less mature while the higher level is more developed.

This is linked to your brand’s vision, figuring out what point you are at now and how your brand personality can grow with your brand, the closer you get to your vision.

  • Level one. Leaves others feeling satisfied, mesmerized, or transformed, though only short-term.

  • Level two. The mental, physical, and spiritual sync up to work together towards reaching the vision.

  • Level three. Brings miracles or the complete manifestation of a vision or idea in themselves and others.

Magician sub-archetypes

There are five related sub-archetypes within the magician archetype, which emerge based on particular attributes that are visible within that archetype. That means each sub-archetype has different attributes. This is linked to your brand values and helps you split yourself from the collective within your archetype.


The magician's motto is to dream big! Magicians are charismatic, influential, and very perceptive. They can turn the dreams and ideas of one into reality for another, or the original maker. Unfortunately, magicians rely on forces beyond the natural to get results and have to be careful from becoming manipulative or resorting to trickery in the process.


The alchemist uses a combination of fact and intuition in order to transmute one thing into something else. Alchemists value purity and perfection, wanting everything they touch to become pure gold. They mix the scientific and spiritual, giving them a belief that there are no limits. Which may lead to them being tempted to engage in fraud.


The scientist is passionate and curious, wanting to see what things are made of, and uses that knowledge to be a change agent in the world. Scientists tend to be logical and questioning, having to trust their own eyes before believing anything. This can, unfortunately, lead them to miss the forest for the trees in their quest to dig deep into the science.


The engineer transforms creative energy into practical expression using a structured approach to problem-solving. Engineers are logical and curious and are the perfect option to turn to for solutions to everyday problems. Unfortunately, this can lead them to think highly of themselves and provide false information in order to be listened to.


The innovator, has a seemingly limitless ability to dream. Innovators are idea machines with a high level of both intellect and curiosity. They thrive on change and are not afraid of taking risks to get to a solution. Even though the innovators have willpower and will perform in-depth research, they may be challenged to stay focused on the task at hand.

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