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Raised on the Alberta prairies, Ryan Lindsay brings his strong country roots into his contemporary country sound. A songwriter and storyteller, Lindsay has a sound that contains a clear nod towards classic country and roots music. Lindsay is a genuine outdoorsman, deeply influenced by his background as a backcountry guide.

Ryan does a lot of the design work himself and has allowed some to be shared here.

Graphic design   ◇   Brand consultation   ◇   The Brand Framework


"Kristina has such a creative eye for graphic design and a real in-depth understanding of branding. I have worked with Kristina on a number of projects and am always particularly impressed with her workflow - she gets jobs done efficiently and is passionate about what she does. It’s truly inspiring to work with her."





Ryan is an independent artist. With just a small team around him, Ryan has to do a lot of the heavy lifting to run his business, so he sometimes feels stretched with the amount of work on his plate to get his music out to his fans. My job is to help him on the more complicated design work and guidance for his brand so he could work on it on his own and still keep it relevant and open to growth.


Ryan and I started working together back in 2019 when his previous designer dropped out on a major project with a tight deadline. I started working with him by following the guidelines from the previous designer and adding a touch more to make it unique for him. This work then later evolved into minor design projects for events, help on building his brand's foundation through both 1:1 calls and my signature course, and consultation and advice for anything in between social media graphics to huge project reports.


We have been working ever since to help build up his brand but still make the visuals fluid depending on his tours, shows, and music.

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