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SmartCircle is a product by SensorMedia and it is considered the most scalable retail display management solution on the planet for wireless and electronic retailers. It gives management the power to target promotions and other key messages directly to devices in-store. While giving visibility of customer engagement, store performance and compliance.

Some of the images shown are from previous projects for SensorMedia.

Graphic creation   ◇   Content creation   ◇   Photo editing   ◇   Website update   ◇   Brand facelift


"Many thanks for the continuous creative ideas that you share! Your innovative ideas are always enthusiastically appreciated by the entire team.

I cannot express enough how valuable you are to SensorMedia. You are constantly improving our UX of SmartCircle by bringing new ideas to the table. Your concepts challenge us, and SmartCircle improves daily. "


"You are reliable, creative and a trustworthy individual. You are always available to assist in urgent situations and you complete goals with great attention to detail and finesse.


You have done an excellent job in completing a lot of challenging tasks with unclear expectations and you have helped tremendously by providing input and quality designs. It is a real pleasure to have you as a co-worker."





Luisa and Silvana were looking for a brand facelift with a focus on making their client-facing website app look more modern and attractive to customers. The idea was to use their current brand identity but applying it in more modern ways. In addition, she wanted us to update the website flow, update the secondary web app, and update the design for all automatic emails.


As I had done quite a bit of previous work on this brand, I was very familiar with their current clients, and the facelift of the website was a natural progression. The new concept came from approved previous designs and client research. This was all translated into new mockups that were then shared with the web developers and I helped as needed.


This led to easier functionality and the removal of several pages that were not benefiting the clients. I also provided alternative options for less coding, making it easier to go live with the beta version for specific clients and test out the new appearance and functions.

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