A 1:1 call to go over any topic you want help on regarding your brand. This can be anything from positioning your brand, to logo options and font choices, or going even more specific.

If you have something holding you back from showing off how good you are at your job or getting more clients, now's time to focus on fixing that issue.


You have a brand that you love and are proud of, but it's not working for you the way you expected or thought it would.

Or maybe, you know exactly what isn't working right for you, but aren't sure how to find the answer that works for you.

I mean, you know what you're good at and know how good you are at it, and you want that to reflect in your brand so others can see it.

And you've downloaded every freebie, read every book, and spent hours searching for an answer online that can help you.

Or worse… you've haven't even had the chance to try any of those solutions or freebies you've found online!

You know that what works for someone else may not work for you... in fact, you know it won't work for you. Because you are you and your issues are not the same as anyone else's, which means your solutions won't be the same either.


You know all about audience research, making personas, and using them in your marketing, and know that research for your business is a bit different than your brand.

You have been searching online for that one specific thing you need help with on your brand and are only getting confused by all the answers you’re getting.

You are the one in charge of creating your brand and implementing it and are only looking for someone to point you in the right direction, not do it for you.


Don't let Google or other people tell you how they made their successes. Find your own way that works specifically for you, because this is your brand.



A personalized one-on-one call to help you solve the issues that are keeping you and your brand from growing  into what you are meant to be.

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THANK you for your insight. It’s invaluable. You took everything out of my head, most of which I didn’t even communicate to you, and laid it out succinctly… Thank you for being my brand consultant. 


60min video call going one-on-one to cover the exact topics you want to go over.

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A dedicated space for you to access the call recording and my notes from our call.

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Extra documents and additional resources to help you with your brand topics.


"I loved working with Kristina. I’ve bought all the online group coaching programs out there and they all talk about “finding your ideal customer” but I couldn’t figure it out on my own. I have never had a 1:1 session with someone that could help me make sense of it all and apply it directly to my brand. I was completely lost before my 1:1 session with Kristina. She helped me put all of my ideas and random thoughts into the most cohesive notes after our session. I particularly loved how generous she was with her knowledge and the “homework” she gave me after our session. I have so much more clarity and direction now. I will be working with her again in the future and would 100% recommend her private sessions to all of my friends!"


Every call is personally tailored depending on what you want to focus on. This means...

If you haven't narrowed down your ideal client, we'll dive deep into finding the people you want to work with and where they're hanging out.

If you haven't figured out what makes you different from the competition we'll take a look at your market and how to make you stand out.

If you don't know the purpose behind your brand, we'll learn what makes you tick so you can find a common ground with your ideal clients.

If you're having a hard time deciding on your brand values, we'll figure them out and what role they play in every part of your brand.

If you can't put your goals into words, we'll create a map with the steps to reach your ultimate goal and keep track of your progress.

If you haven't been able to connect with your audience, we'll find the common ground in your personalities and turn it into your brand voice.

If you can't keep track of your communication and content style, we'll create a style guide to help you with your content strategy or hiring help.

If you don't know how to translate your strategy into visuals, we'll go over common psychology and subconscious associations to figure it out.

If you have any other questions or topics you want us to cover, we'll go over them carefully to make sure you get the answers you want.



Book your strategy intensive call and fill out the intake form.


Make your payment. and wait for a confirmation.


Provide files or resources about your topic before our call.


The strategy intensives are specifically designed for female DFY service providers, like yourself, who are ready to fix their known brand issues and stop getting held back from achieving their dreams.

This is not meant to find your issues or why your brand isn't working. If you're here and reading this, you already know exactly what you want us to talk about. The purpose of these intensives are to focus on a specific issue you're having and get an outside perspective on how to solve it so it works for you.

I've worked in multiple DFY service fields and I've worked as a solopreneur for over six years, so I've been where you are now and I've gone down too many rabbit holes on the internet not to have learned a thing or two. On top of that, I like to focus in on the details while touching on everything single part that surrounds your main topic.

That way, I can help you both with the individual puzzle pieces and the big picture, so you're never left in the dark.

A little about Kristina, your brand consultant…

I am here to help you reach for the stars. 

After working as a freelance graphic designer for over ten years, I’ve had my fair share of projects and clients that are focused only on the now. It took me years to figure out how to convince them that any project created to represent their business should have a strong brand that works both now and in the future.

When I finally decided to own up to what I was doing, it was due to my perfectionism. Because I am a strong believer that we can all achieve perfection if we try. I believe that nobody should settle for second best and that everybody deserves better than good enough.

In order to achieve that, to add that cherry on top that takes you from good to better to awesome, we have to hunker down and get to work.
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You're ready to go live with your brand or make a big announcement about it.

You know exactly what you're having issues with, but aren't sure how to solve it.

You know something is missing or not working right, but aren't exactly sure what it is.

You’re committed to doing the work required to make your brand work for you.

You look at your audience as people you can serve, not just those you can make money from.

You want to make a name for yourself and invest in your future, not a get-rich-quick scheme.



You're overconfident and think you know all the answers or can do it all on your own.


You're a product-based business owner or have a physical location for your business.


Your primary goal out of this program is to make money or increase your profits.


You're just starting out and know nothing about your audience, services, or offer.


You're feeling stuck and are only looking for a new avenue of inspiration.


You are looking a logo design or update, or any other updates to your visual identity.


"Very much enjoyed working with Kristina. She delivered high quality work and was very efficient. I was impressed with her communication and initiative to follow up. Would recommend working with her and plan to work with her again for similar projects."


You are ready to stop being held back and to start using your brand to its full potential!

If you are ready to focus, book your spot now!