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Authors Alain d’Aboville, and Cherrie Lo, are drawing an up-to-date picture of the whole chocolate landscape. With a particular emphasis on the human side of the product, they tackle every aspect, from farming, varieties, chocolate making and marketing. Alain also ventured into describing the future of chocolate.

Book design   ◇   Publishing   ◇   Website creation   ◇   Visual identity   ◇   Second language


"...Kristina immediately understood the challenge and she was very pro-active, proposing options and solutions to the inevitable issues arising when designing a visual appearance. I’ve only had extremely positive comments on the design from my readers and I am more than satisfied. Further more, she rapidly set-up an efficient one-page web site to promote and sell the book as well as an appealing logo..."





The project initially started with Alain looking for an elegant book design for his non-fiction book about chocolate and help with self-publishing it through multiple platforms. Eventually, Alain also required a website and a second language variation for both, which meant creating a basic visual identity that would interest his specific audience.


I helped Alain by typesetting the book for him and helping him with self-publishing through multiple platforms. Upon book completion, I created a basic visual identity package for him including a logo that can be used as a stamp on the chocolate, a varied colour palette that could be used in parts, font hierarchy connected to the book, and iconography that can be used for the website.


This led to a book that was availavle for purchase through multiple platforms, including the website itself, and both the book and website are in two different languages allowing for the content to reach a wider array of target audience.

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