Create a brand meant for your ideal clients NOW

Without stopping work with your current clients, questioning yourself and what you already have, or changing up your entire business strategy!

Build a brand that represents you and works for you to attract your ideal clients. This framework is for unsure, under-valued, and hardworking service providers ready to be heard and seen as experts by the right clients!
The Brand Framework is my signature brand creation course. This framework consists of the different processes and outlines I use with my 1:1 clients, including extra bonuses to get you from start to finish, without missing a step! 

12+ in-depth teaching modules

Lifetime access to course materials

Full access to all course updates

One step away from sharing your value

"The Brand Framework really helps you learn to trust your own creativity, find your voice and develop a distinctive brand that feels authentic to you. Kristina offers great insight into balancing the creative and business side of branding. She has provided some essential tools in this course that have helped push my branding to the next level!"



Not sure who your ideal clients are and how to show them you are the expert for them?


Feeling like you have to offer huge discounts or really low prices in order to get any clients?


Juggling fifty awesome ideas at once to get you new business and not executing any of them?


Working for your clients 24/7 and not leaving any room to grow your business or even hire help?


Being told to stop being such a perfectionist and just get it done and compromising your skills?

Defining your brand can help you overcome all of these and it doesn't have to be hard!




Figure out who you want to work with


Find out what you have in common


Get all of your ideas out of your head

Then, take it one step further and make your brand the perfect option for your ideal clients.


Spending less time trying to figure out how to market your services

Having your dream clients reaching out to work with you, specifically

Focusing on doing what you love, while your brand grows in your niche

Getting regular referrals and new clients without ever looking for them

Getting invited to podcasts, lives, and summits as an expert in your field

You know your shit. You are an expert in your field.
Now it's time to make sure that others know it too!

Brand strategist, designer, and consultant
avatar of kristina konstantinova, brand strategist, designer, and consultant
When I started this journey, I didn't know what branding was! Before I got into branding, the main thing that was holding me back was myself. And even now, when people ask me how long I've been doing this, I have to stop and think.

Officially, I transitioned to a title with branding in it back at the end of 2019, but I've been doing the strategy work and research behind brands for much longer! And then the pandemic happened right when I wanted to do a rebrand for myself and suddenly, the internet was filled with branding experts!

I started doubting myself and my skills, I was unsure if what I was offering actually worked, and I charged so little that it was embarrassing. I also kept changing my mind on who I wanted to target and work with.

And then one day, I decided to say 
screw it and stopped reading what all the gurus and experts were saying and I did it my way. 

I wrote down all the questions I ask my clients, a to-do list of all the tasks we do together, a checklist of what the final should have, and then I created some templates to fill out to make it easier for myself.

And I got the chance to be my own client. I updated my strategy, did a facelift for my visuals, and I was able to get everything I wanted out of my head and in front of the people I wanted to work with. And it worked!

After two years of see-sawing and being unsure about what I wanted to do, I got my brand strategy done in under three weeks. My visuals took longer because I was having a hard time letting some of them go, but it was worth it. 
The thing is, this rebrand was all about strategy. When I did my brand in the past, it was all about what I liked and assumptions about my market and audience.

This time, it was so much research and information gathering, talking to the people I wanted to work with and breaking my own barriers that kept me from going all out.

And now, every step that I went through is available to you!

Are you ready to build a brand that is made specifically for your ideal clients?



A step-by-step program that teaches you how to get your brand out of your head and in front of your ideal clients.

Do you want to create a brand that will put you in front of your ideal clients?



Position your brand

Module one. Discover your target audience
  • Find out who your target audience is and who, from within, are your ideal clients to work with. 
  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients and set boundaries for the ones you want to avoid.
Module two. Complete a market analysis
  • Discover your competitors in your niche, both direct and indirect, and what their extremes are. 
  • Find out what makes you different and why your ideal clients will want to work with you.
Module three. Prepare your awareness goals
  • Figure out where your ideal clients are hanging out, so you can position yourself in front of them.
  • Set realistic and achievable goals to start and how to grow your brand awareness.
Module four. Discover your purpose
  • Explain why you do what you do, beyond the personal reasons, focusing on a passion of yours.
  • Find a global cause that your brand can support and use to connect with your audience.
Module five. Outline your values
  • Learn how your audience has seen you until now and how to alter their perceptions for the future.
  • Figure out your brand’s values and what role they play in both your internal and external brand. 
Module six. Reveal your vision and mission
  • Put your aspirations into words and tangible goals you and your brand can achieve together.
  • Find the steps to help you reach your ultimate goal and how to keep track of your brand’s progress.