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Making sure everything you want to say gets across to your audience?

Showing up as an expert in your field with a message worth listening to?

Trusting your own creativity to develop a brand that feels authentic?

Opening your creative brain up to ideas you may not have thought of?

You already know the importance of having a brand for your business (that's why you're here!).

And here's a secret…

You already had a brand before you decided to build a business.

Brand strategist, designer, and consultant
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When I started this journey, I didn't know what branding was! Before I got into branding, the main thing that was holding me back was myself. In my defence, I had to have a client thank me for doing her brand to realize that's what I've been doing for years and have been calling graphic design.

And even now, when people ask me how long have you been doing branding? I have to stop and think.

Officially, I transitioned to a title with branding in it over two years ago. 
The strategy behind branding is something I've been doing subconsciously for most of my clients for a few years (no clue when I started that), I've been doing this full-time since I quit my corporate job back in 2015… and I've been doing graphic design since high-school...

So... my answer is usually one of those but every. single. time. I have to stop and think about it. Because everything I've done since first opening Paint or writing my first story as a kid has led to this. 

And every time I answer, I am not sure about my answer. And you know what? Most days, I am happy I don't know the answer! Because it makes me question myself and if I really know it all.
And the answer is always going to be NO! I DON'T KNOW IT ALL! But the answer is also I KNOW MY SHIT!

I am a researcher at heart. Sometimes, it annoys me, yes… and sometimes I am so into whatever I am researching that I spend weeks down the internet rabbit hole on a specific topic that branches off in fifty different directions.

And I am always learning.
That's one of the things that brought this course about. Endless hours of research on top of my years of experience and I am still doing more research, I am still finding new information, and I am still learning more with the goal to teach you more.
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You know your shit. You are an expert in your field.
Now it's time to make sure that others know it too!



Do I really know who my clients are?


Why are none of my followers buying from me?


How do I show I am the expert in my field?


Why would they choose me?

Then I want you to do one simple thing…




Get your brand out of your head


Modify it to fit your ideal clients


Put your brand in front of them

Then, take it one step further and make your brand the perfect option for your ideal clients.

Doing this will lead to a brand that draws in the people you want to work with, because they know that it's made for them, and helps to turn them into clients.


Spending less time trying to figure out how to market your services

Having your dream clients reaching out to work with you, specifically

Focusing on doing what you love, while your brand grows in your niche

Getting invited to podcasts, lives, and summits as an expert in your field

Are you ready to build a brand that is made specifically for your ideal clients?



A step-by-step program that teaches you how to get your brand out of your head and in front of your ideal clients.

"The Brand Framework really helps you learn to trust your own creativity, find your voice and develop a distinctive brand that feels authentic to you. Kristina offers great insight into balancing the creative and business side of branding. She has provided some essential tools in this course that have helped push my branding to the next level!"

Do you want to create a brand from scratch meant for your audience?


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Module one. Discover your target audience
  • Find out who your target audience is and who, from within, are your ideal clients to work with. 
  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients and set boundaries for the ones you want to avoid.
Module two. Complete a market analysis
  • Discover your competitors in your niche, both direct and indirect, and what their extremes are. 
  • Find out what makes you different and why your ideal clients will want to work with you.
Module three. Prepare your awareness goals
  • Figure out where your ideal clients are hanging out, so you can position yourself in front of them.
  • Set realistic and achievable goals to start and how to grow your brand awareness.
Module four. Discover your purpose
  • Explain why you do what you do, beyond the personal reasons, focusing on a passion of yours.
  • Find a global cause that your brand can support and use to connect with your audience.
Module five. Outline your values
  • Learn how your audience has seen you until now and how to alter their perceptions for the future.
  • Figure out your brand’s values and what role they play in both your internal and external brand. 
Module six. Reveal your vision and mission
  • Put your aspirations into words and tangible goals you and your brand can achieve together.
  • Find the steps to help you reach your ultimate goal and how to keep track of your brand’s progress.
build your core mockup with course examples
define your essence mockup with course examples
Module seven. Express your personality
  • Learn what makes your brand human so it is easier for your audience to connect with and talk to it.
  • Discover more about your audience’s personality and take actionable steps to connect with them.
Module eight. Find your voice and tone
  • Learn how to speak to your audience, so you can connect with them and they listen to you.
  • Be comfortable talking to your audience during any event, even a global pandemic.
Module nine. Keep track of your language
  • Create a communication style that is unique to you and turn it into a language style guide.
  • Find the words that will get your entire brand message across to your audience.
Module ten. Create your visual identity
  • Get the most important visuals aspects of your brand out with your logo, colours, and fonts.
  • Connect each of your decisions to your audience, so you draw them in and convert them into clients.
Module eleven. Add on your elements
  • Choose additional visual elements that represent your brand and make you stand out.
  • Decide how all of your information will be shown, including data, and other visual rules and cues.
Module twelve. Organize your assets
  • Create your business collaterals and templates, so your audience can start memorizing who you are.
  • Combine your entire brand strategy and identity into a set of guidelines that you can refer to.
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The Brand Framework is the first program of its kind that combines both strategy and design training with done-for-you templates and real-life examples so you can implement what you’re learning immediately

The end result... a brand that looks and sounds like you, attracts your ideal clients, and all of the training so you can help your brand grow with you.

Every single step in creating a brand is included, nothing skipped, so that when it comes time to creating your visuals, you know exactly how to translate your research into designs like your logo. 

Take a peek at one of my favourite exercises in The Brand Framework

mockup of the sticky note exercise on a tablet with a pen

The sticky note exercise

This simple walkthrough flowchart will help you make the final decision between multiple options.

This exercise is used multiple times in the course and can be used any time you have to make the final decision.

The power of this exercise is that it uses both research and your subconscious desires to get the final result. 
"That sticky note exercise we did together is it! I used it for everything. I even use it to figure out what to cook for the week! ;)"

Do you want to remain authentic to yourself and still reach your ideal clients?

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Lifetime access

lifetime access for the brand framework mockups with laptop and exercise examples

That's right. Full access to all course materials, future updates, and any new bonuses and add-ons that come up. Forever!

Google drive files

google drive files feature for the brand framework mockups with laptop and paper examples

All exercises are available in Google Drive, allowing you to copy them over for yourself so you will always have access to the files.

Video explanations

video explanations for the brand framework mockups with laptop and tablet examples

Tired of reading all the time? Watch and listen to some of the lessons instead and get going with video explanations.

Live monthly Q&As

live bi-weekly Q&A sessions feature for the brand framework mockups with laptop and phone examples

If you have a more specific situation or question, join me live during the monthly Q&A calls and get your answers on the spot.

On-page support

on page support feature for the brand framework mockups with laptop and phone examples

If you get stuck, have questions you can't wait, or want to say your piece, comment right on the lesson and I will reply.

Live quarterly peer-review

live quarterly peer-review sessions for the brand framework mockups with laptop and tablet examples

You are working on your brand… now what? Present it, pitch your services, and check your progress with both peer and expert opinions.

Along with all of that, you'll also get…

Unique selling points