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Marianne has been helping people buy and sell real estate across the GTA since 2005. She founded Storey Collective in 2019 after continued success as an independent agent and has put together an amazing team of like-minded individuals from different facets of the real estate industry.

Brand strategy   ◇   Visual identity   ◇   Digital asset creation   ◇   Print asset creation   ◇   Brand management   ◇   Brand consultation


"...I was quite literally looking for something NEW; to build a new brand and all that that entails: new logo, new website, print materials, signs, etc. I didn’t know where to begin. I had a bunch of ideas scattered all up in my head. Even when I couldn’t quite articulate these ideas effectively, Kristina was patient and supportive, and somehow figured out what I wanted. Kristina not only got me organized, she was able to recommend and prioritize what was needed..."





Marianne was originally looking for real estate promotional materials to be designed around her already done research and familiarity with her audience and clients. Her original requirements were something that stands out and is a-typical for ebooks, printables, one-sheets, door knockers, social media templates, and other similar materials.

A few years later, another problem arose: the website was not being used as intended and it became too busy, too slow, and too cumbersome, making it unusable for most of her clients.


Since Marianne was looking to build a new brand with all the basics, we focused on those based on her experience and knowledge of her clients. We organized all the ideas she had and prioritized her goals. Eventually, the work evolved past design into consultation with finding a writer for her blog and giving her advice on hiring help to keep her brand consistent.


This led to a complete online presence, making it easier for Marianne to not only split herself away from the parent company but also to make sure that her audience would recognize her on all platforms where she is active.

The additional updates a few years later led to a minimalistic and more welcoming experience for her audience in her digital space.

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